Quercus acutissima Carruth.


Ref. LB91-0028

Section : Cerris

Conservation status : LC

USDA Hardiness Zone 5

Common name / Nom vernaculaire : Sawtooth Oak

Origin / Origine : Asia / Asie


Link / Lien :






Planting date / date de plantation : 11/1991


Height / Hauteur : 18m (Sep 2016)

La Bergerette Zone : BW


Comments / Commentaires


Quercus acutissima has continued to grow rapidly through the driest of years. Often, but not invariably, takes on an ungainly shape, but one here is amongst the tallest of the oaks (18 metres in 2016).


Q. acutissima awaits spring before the acorns sprout, a delay that allows it to establish in colder climates and maintain a wider range in Japan