Quercus bicolor Willd.



Ref. LB93-0076


Section : Quercus


Conservation status : Least Concern


USDA Hardiness Zone :

Common name / Nom vernaculaire : Swamp White Oak

Origin / Origine :  N. America / Amérique du Nord

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Planting date / date de plantation : 19/11/1993


Height / Hauteur : 13m (2016)

La Bergerette Zone : LV


Comments / Commentaires :

Q. bicolor grows in the valley. During Hurricane Klaus in 2009 a 14 metre Leyland cypress fell on it, completely concealing the tree and bending its tip to the ground. On cutting the cypress away, the oak returned half upright of its own accord – the root plate had not moved and neither had the trunk cracked. It was cabled fully erect again with the help of a tractor, the side branches returned to their normal positions (they stayed exactly where they were put), and the tree has since carried on growing as if nothing had happened!