Quercus x dysophylla Benth.



Ref. LB 09-0120


Section : Lobatae


Conservation status : 


USDA Hardiness Zone : 


Common name / Nom vernaculaire :


Origin / Origine :  Central America / Amérique centrale


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Planting date / date de plantation : 06/04/12


Height / Hauteur : 4.3m (2016)


La Bergerette Zone : MEX


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 This was received as Q. crassifolia seed, but Botanists Allen Coombes & Thierry Lamant think that the seed was pollinated by Quercus crassipes, giving the hybrid Quercus x dysophylla, which is not uncommon in nature in Mexico. Quercus dysophylla was originally named as a species by George Bentham in 1840.