Quercus affinis Scheidw.


Ref. LB93-0058

Section : Lobatae


Conservation status : LC

USDA Hardiness Zone 8

Common name / Nom vernaculaire :


Origin / Origine : Mexico / Méxique


Link / Lien :





Planting date / date de plantation : 19/11/1993


Height / Hauteur : 15.1m (Sep 2016)


La Bergerette Zone : MV


Comments / Commentaires


A Q. affinis planted in November 1996 was killed outright in the 2003 drought. An older one planted in the valley survived in the moister conditions, and at 8 metres in 2016 is apparently the tallest in France. It has small glossy leaves, and the tree here has made a narrow cone bizarrely mirroring the shape of a Chamaecyparis next to it.