Quercus baloot Griff.


Ref. LB95-0066A

Section : Ilex


Conservation status : Least Concern


USDA Hardiness Zone : 6

Common name / Nom vernaculaire :


Origin / Origine :  Pakistan


Link / Lien :






Planting date / date de plantation : 05/09/1996


Height / Hauteur : 1.9m (2008)

La Bergerette Zone : NG


Comments / Commentaires :


Believed to be the earliest introduction into France and possibly the tallest. Five examples of Q. baloot, collected from two different altitudes, have not done well here, even one irrigated plant. However, they do produce acorns.


Most of the specimens of Q. baloot in cultivation originate from acorns collected by Shaun Haddock in the Swat Valley of northwest Pakistan in 1995. His return to the UK coincided with a meeting of oak enthusiasts and the acorns were distributed to collectors and nurseries. The bristles are exceptionally sharp, and the leaves on the outside of the crown are spiny, designed to repel browsing animals, while those closer to the trunk are often entire, requiring no such protection. Seed collected at a lower altitude seed has a higher proportion of leaves with entire margins.

Source: Coombes, A. & Cameron, R. (2021), 'Quercus baloot' from the website Trees and Shrubs Online (treesandshrubsonline.org/articles/quercus/quercus-baloot/). Accessed 2022-11-28.