Quercus canbyi Trel.




Ref. LB 96-0039


Section : Lobatae


Conservation status : DD


USDA Hardiness Zone : 6


 Common name / Nom vernaculaire : Canby Oak, Sierra Red Oak


Origin / Origine : Mexico / Mexique


Link / Lien :






Planting date / date de plantation : 29/11/1996


Height / Hauteur : 6.1m (2008)

La Bergerette Zone : MEX




Comments / Commentaires


Q. canbyi was cut back, but not killed, in the 2003 drought. Therefore it is not recommended for extremely dry areas. It one of the most rapid-growing oaks of all when young – one from a collection by Thierry Lamant planted at the same time as several Mexicans in November 2008 outstripped all the latter by far to reach over 4 metres in 4 years, but with watering in dry periods.